What Happens If You Miss Open Enrollment in 2020?

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People who lead busy lives may not be aware of the open enrollment period, especially if they are not getting insurance through work. Work will remind people of the dates, which can come in handy if a person is on important projects.

If a person has their own business, is a contractor, or is not working, they may have the problem of not knowing when the period is for the health insurance marketplace. There are options if that is how the insurance is going to be gotten. Here are some solutions when life got in the way of making the deadline.

Special Exemption Cases

There are ways to get insurance year-round if the person meets certain requirements. If a person is recognized as being Native American, they will have year-round access. People need to see if they are qualified for Medicaid if they are not working and have health issues.

People who qualify for CHIP can get insurance whenever they need it since they get into those circumstances at any point in a year. Make sure to check every route that is open to be able to make sure that there is coverage in case there is any need for doctors or hospitals.

Short Term Choices

There are still regular insurance choices that can be gotten through agents as a short term solution for any needs. These can be a little more expensive than what is offered on the marketplace, but they can be gotten at any point throughout the year.

The difference between more than the price is the fact that they do not have to abide by some of the same parts of the ACA laws as what is on the marketplace. They are able to turn down people who have existing conditions, so check what the insurance company is known for.

There are choices, so do not be scared if the deadline is missed for any reason. Do all the research that is necessary instead of having worries. Every person needs to have some plan in case they have a health emergency that could ruin many aspects of their lives.

There is no need to have to worry about hospital bills piling up while dealing with issues that could keep you out of work when there are solutions. If any assistance is needed, just do the research because there are government agencies and private groups that have the answers readily available.