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Clemson Apothecare, established by Ron Young, has been serving patients in the area since 1998. We work with you and your physicians to meet your specific needs. Each prescription is made for you! We seek to provide solutions for all patients not just the ones that fit into a box. Clemson Apothecare works with many veterinarians in the area to help provide medications in dosage forms and flavors for pets. We can also create suspensions of medications to help children who cannot swallow pills or need the taste of medicines improved. We can compound custom strength medications and can also make products with specific flavors to improve the taste of commercially available products, as well as improving compliance. Clemson Apothecare also provides a variety of dosage forms including capsules, oral liquids, troches or lollipops, topical preparations, suppositories, ear drops, and nasal sprays. We also give the option to exclude certain ingredients from medications due to allergies, sensitivities, or preference. We can provide compounded medications for those who have gluten sensitivity, dye allergies, and lactose intolerance. We also provide the option for medications that are sugar free, keto diet compliant, or vegetarian. We are problem solvers and our goal is to find a solution for you. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Clemson Apothecare- Made Just for You!